Pulpit Rock Church Norway

„Stairway to heaven“ – Pulpit Rock Church Competition, Norway



With this project we entered an international competition of architecture organized by AWRcompetition. The task was to design a new temporary church in the evocative site of Pulpit Rock, Norway. It is a landmark famous with its amazing views and atmosphere.

“Stairway to heaven” is a temporary church that combines, replicates and enhances the two main features of the site – views and mountaintops. Аs the name implies, the main idea behind the project lies in turning the roof into a stairway to heaven. We didn’t want to hide the views behind a building. So we wanted to give free access to them and in the same time make a place free for social events. Integrating this idea into our project made it a unique model of church architecture.

Furthermore all the different functional groups  – chapel, apsis, bell tower, sacristy, service, are played as distinctive volumes in the whole building. It is important to be able to read on the outside what is inside especially in temple architecture.

On structural level space-frame construction of formwork elements with multipoint connectors is used – easy to transport, install, uninstall, light, strong, and weather resistant. This guaranteed that no damage would be done to this natural landmark Pulpit Rock. Other materials used are cross-laminated timber walls and polycarbonate sheets.

Adress: Pulpit Rock, Norway

Client: AWRcompetitions

Architect: arch. Plamen Rusev, arch. Nevena Ruseva

Area: 250 m2

Status: Unbuilt

Awards: Arch Inova Award Bulgaria 2019 for innovative architecture in the Public building category.

Publications: Magazine “More for the house”

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