Gelato & Latte Interior

Industrial interior design of Gelato & Latte shop


Gelato & Latte shop offers its customers authentic Italian ice cream and unique atmosphere. It’s industrial interior design has become an integral part of the whole brand. Colorful, playful and rich are the three words that can perfectly describe it, just like their tasty products.

Following the basic trends, we focused on developing industrial interior design. This choice also covered all the high customer needs for practicality, quality and convenience. The open-plan concept helped build the client’s idea of openness and transparency of all processes in the gelato shop as part of their business politic.

We added a raw, unfinished look by displaying building materials that are usually concealed. Ceiling and columns are left naked just like they are –  on pure concrete. Тhe exposed bricks are treated with оne special painting technique. Tones and shades of grey work mixed with white to add a crisp & clean look. All installations run visible on the ceiling and walls as a circulatory system of the building, contributing to the more industrial look. 

Beautiful colorful modern decorations are carefully picked up and placed. Lighting fixtures with metal finish, spots and pendant lamps are the source of light and add up to the industrial look. Modern furniture pieces finish the whole playful industrial interior design.

Especially for the kids we have designed a colorful sitting area with modern design table and chairs suitable for their size.


Wienerberger BrickAward 2019 – Special award

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