Lift Sopot

Lift Sopot – Expansion of tourist complex



The complex “Lift Sopot” is located in the town of Sopot, in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains. The concept for the project is based on the integration of new functional volumes with the existing ones, and the goal is the interaction between them. The whole project includes a lift, a swimming pool and a café.

The site of the pool corresponds to the scale of the complex and allows it to “breathe”.

The flat roofs of the café and the brim of “Lift Sopot” are usable and turn into panoramic terraces with a 360-degree view. The exterior and interior installations are visible; the main finishing materials are natural-oiled wood, grey stone, exposed concrete, and plaster; the railings are made of hot-dip galvanized steel profiles. This completes idea of processed industrial vision.

In this site, we are continuing the topic of sustainable development by setting up energy efficient and environmentally friendly systems – heat pumps for pool heating, aerobic water treatment plant, light-emitting lighting and heavy thermal insulation, reducing heat losses.

Adress: Sopot, Bulgaria

Client: CRG

Architect: arch. Nevena Ruseva, arch. Plamen Rusev

Area pools: 216,98 m2

Area new buildings: 134 m2

Area old buildings: 101,6 m2

Status: Completed


Publications: City Magazine

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