Villa Sauna

Villa Sauna, part of Rozino complex, modern hideaway in nature 



The villa is part of Rozino retreat complex. It is situated in a quiet, remote and extremely beautiful corner of the Sub-Balkan. The architecture and design are inspired by the surrounding nature and specific architecture of the other renovated buildings in the complex. The villa fits harmoniously in the overall situation.

In addition to the sauna room, in the villa you have available bathroom, toilet, bedroom, kitchenette and seating area. The shower and toilet are separated by colorful glass bricks to bring more light into those small spaces. Тhe bed is raised to the second level and through an additional horizontal window you can enjoy nature lying down on it. You can have a shower, dress and relax in front of the rich glazing that provides views of the environment from any position inside the building while preserving the necessary privacy for the occupants.

The interior features materials and furnishings of highest standard, as the design tends to modernism and sustainability. Тhe roof is double-glazed with a visible wooden structure so that it gives unique atmosphere to the house. Skylights bring in more light and provide extra views.

The light fixtures are modern in contrast with the wooden interior. The brick walls are mostly left open, treated only with a special painting technique.

Adress: Rozino, Bulgaria

Client: CRG

Architect: arch. Nevena Ruseva

Area: 40 m2

Status: Completed

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